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Cabeza de Pecera Stills
March 2012, 22, 14:5 pm
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March 2012, 8, 54:2 pm
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Adios Sombrero
March 2012, 8, 02:6 am
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From now on, we will be moving to English, just to be a bit more world wide webish, and to see if I can get a Job Somewhere, some mayor updates coming…and perhaps weight reduction techniques… In the meanwhile there will be a bit of clean up…  And stuff.

No one read this anyway.

Lastimosamente abandonamos el español, y seguiremos en ingles, el mio. Que no es muy bueno, pero espero entendible, y me consigua algun trabajo algun dia, Pura Vida!

January 2012, 30, 48:12 pm
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Demo Reel 2011
September 2011, 28, 10:6 pm
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April 2011, 21, 18:12 am
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Rig de Personaje y Lip Sync

December 2010, 10, 52:11 pm
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